Digital Gold Currency

Our goal is to enter the ripple network. G8coin’s asset-backed commodities makes all of this possible, its the best way to pay for everyday transactions, the backing of assets makes it the best choice as a storage of wealth. Transfer money to anyone, any place in the world, instantly with just a few clicks. G8Coin’s are based on sound money principles, market proven business plan, which makes it the smart choice for wealth preservation. G8Coin Takes the volatility out of huge rises and falls in value and will trade @ $100 under the London Fix for Gold per oz. The fact that G8Coin’s are backed by hard assets makes it a stable unit of currency for business owners, consumers, Hedge-Funds, market makers and currency traders alike.

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Our goal is to have a talented team on board. We currently offer bounties for specific tasks.(see the bounties section)

Just the Windows Wallet for now. Choose All In One Installer or the Wallet QT Zip file

Bounties are available for Wallets in Linux, Mac, etc. Checkout the section below

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@ $100 Under Spot

  BitCoins will be accepted

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Digital Currency for all with Wallet to purchase Gold-Backed Coins securely-easily converted to cash via the Ripple Platform (Ripple.com) Gold backs the currency with hard assets surveyed precious metals.

To increase sales of G8COINS they will trade $100 below daily Gold price index. All customers/Merchants benefit early on but this discount MUST end eventually; we recommend early take-up of G8COINS now for future hedge/profits. (20-G8COINS equal to (1-oz Gold) ($60-per coin X 20 ($1200)

A) Development Teams long term:
B) Integration to Ripple.com platform where G8 Monetise its sales/revenue (Sales of G8COINS) long term support creating Market-awareness: eCommerce for customers/merchant’s targeting gaming industry/Africa where 50% population unbankable; G8 mobile app instant access to our Wallet purchase/sales of coins to/from your mobile with near zero transaction fees the app available throughout Africa. Community marketing Twitter/Facebook research & development.


Isle of Man (IOM) Government conference a few weeks ago where Max Kaiser no less & Bitcoin aficionados where present to air all products digital currency: The IOM has legislated that Bitcoins are legal tender to trade for goods & services & welcome other digital currencies: G8 intends to locate its main trading from IOM # 18min flight/Glasgow 40min from London.

The commodity streaming model minimizes the typical downside risks in resource capital because there is no obligation on G8 to contribute additional capital after the upfront payment is made and G8COIN ongoing cash costs are fixed forever.  G8COIN’s portfolio commodity streams give G8COIN leverage to commodity prices (Gold price rise) exposure to production rate upside and exposure to exploration upside (Gold price rise). All G8COIN holders experience the same upside (Gold price rise).


G8 agrees lump sum payment to the producer and fixed payments for a certain quality/quantity commodity (Gold at $350 per oz) from the producer. Capital funding resource provides support for (equipment/cash-flow) for the mining Co/Producer; who otherwise has difficulty sourcing conventional funding sources. The exchange agreement is future proofing gold production whereby G8COIN receives a fixed price ($350 for 1 oz of Gold) well under the London Fix for the life-time of the mine.


Digital currency model avoids cash earnings being earmarked on costly exploration/drilling or geologist-surveys and environmental evaluation. G8 coins sales traded on Ripple.com G8 customers/merchants have excellent trading platform to barter their coins. There is no need to move physical Gold in transactions as we are trading in the digital domain which keeps trading fees close to Zero.


G8 monetizes sales on the Ripple-Network and discounted Gold from the producer; surplus cash to advance expansion in JV agreements, physical gold delivery from producer and cash generated from sales of g8coins into physical gold to be stored in G8 Liechtenstein Bank Vault. Periodically attorneys state the current physical tonnage. G8COIN seeks to establish itself as the front-runner leading gold backed digital currency to achieve stability for customers/merchants.

Bounties & Positions Available

Bounty for Experienced & Dedicated Crypto Coin Developer
Bounty for Ripple.com integration
Bounty for Stellar.org integration
Bounty for Experienced Web Developer
Bounty for Mac Wallet
Bounty for Linux Wallet
Bounty to promoters on, Twitter, Facebook
Bounty for Android Mobile Wallet
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Bounty for Twitter Tipper Bot
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Bounty for Articles on G8Coin on Websites W/ Min  500 Unique visitors per day

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