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Our goal is to become the coin of choice for merchants and consumers. G8coin’s asset-backed commodities makes all of this possible, its the best way to pay for everyday transactions, the backing of assets makes it the best choice as a storage of wealth. Transfer money to anyone, any place in the world, instantly with just a few clicks. G8Coin’s are based on sound money principles, market proven business plan, which makes it the smart choice for wealth preservation. G8Coin Takes the volatility out of huge rises and falls in value and will trade @ $100 under the London Fix for Gold per oz. The fact that G8Coin’s are backed by hard assets makes it a stable unit of currency for business owners, consumers, Hedge-Funds, market makers and currency traders alike.

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For now we only accept BitCoins
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We are pleased to accept Bitcoin to assist diversification.


Prelaunch (Date to be announced shortly) the Discount pre-sale 30-G8Coins for 1 bitcoin held for 40-days (total 200,000) either 200,000 sold and/or 40-days elapse discount will close. G8coins revert back to original price quoted below.”***”
1-G8COIN = 0.05 oz of Gold.
G8COINS point of sale price/date of purchase the coins; subject to min- 20 coins buy-back. There is 10% admin fee and Six (6) months holiday before you can redeem your coins.
G8COIN instant profit # Bank interest 0% feel cheated # G8CON instant Hedge/value, business plan inline with current large mining strategies see news article. We are the first/only crypto currency Gold Streaming Business with real in ground assets (Mining Property’s). If you’re looking for real value you MUST consider G8COIN in any hedge in your financial planning.
Initial issues of G8coins will track the gold price up/down minus $100 which is included as a discount to add value to the G8coin users and increase its market share.
G8COIN seeks to expand its business through seven key initiatives:
1. Acquire existing royalties or metal streams;
2. Provide upfront payment for the exploration, development and construction of precious metals mines in exchange for royalties; (G8COINS used for purchase contracts)
3. Monetize precious metals by-product streams from base metals operations in development or operation; and
4. Provide acquisition upfront payment, in partnership with established operating companies, in return for a royalty or metal streams on the acquired properties.
5. Bottom line our own mine in production.
6. Diversify into other commodity streams Oil/Gas/Water/Wind-power.
7. Wing energy off-set the usual high cost of production e.g. fuel costs (Electrical mining equipment to 70%) all green production cycle.
NOTE: G8COIN’s debt free/100% owned Mining Property’s.
We seek Dev/Marketing/teams/forums. We offer a bounty negotiable to all interested parties. (We will need support teams for the life time of G8COIN.)
Mining rights owned 10-years + geologist (expandable to 8000-acres). Reserves of Gold/Platinum/Palladium/Rhodium & Rare Earths: we are geared to sustain production 50yrs + (Business Plan) via commodity streaming business Agreements contracting with other (Small/Medium/Junior) mining companies/producers. Note: we are a business/crypto for the long term & will be fully audited. In ground precious metals mining is our business with real asset backed precious metals. We see no other hard asset gold backed crypto coins.
A prepaid commodity forward agreement is a facility whereby G8COIN agrees to purchase a certain quality/quantity commodity (Gold) from a producer in exchange for an up-front payment. In short, the agreement is acting alliance between G8COIN/Producer; G8COIN is providing support for (equipment/cash-flow) for the mining Co/Producer; who otherwise has difficulty sourcing conventional funding sources. The exchange agreement is future proofing gold production whereby G8COIN receives a fixed gold price well under the London Fix for the life-time of the mine at ($400). The commodity streaming business model minimizes the typical downside risks in resource capital because there is no obligation on G8COIN to contribute additional capital after the upfront payment is made and G8COIN ongoing cash costs are fixed forever.  G8COIN’s portfolio commodity streams give G8COIN leverage to commodity prices (Gold price rise) exposure to production rate upside and exposure to exploration upside (Gold price rise). All G8COIN holders experience the same upside (Gold price rise).
Mined Gold sent to refiner PAMP/Lugano-Switzerland: transported to our own private metal account in Liechtenstein: Our metal account 100% owned/Controlled by us audit by Swiss legal firm. Vitally our Gold Account(s) will have access denied to outside Bank(s)/Accountants to protect our gold account(s) our accounts will be internal private banking account(s). (Intended refiner “PAMP bars purity between 99,99% and 99,999 %”).
In line with all crypto coins we will seek the necessary statutory compliance when required in those jurisdiction we intend to operate in by any regulatory authority.
Big companies in Gold Streaming Business

Royalties Vs Streaming Precious Metal Companies
Similarities to Silver Wheaton ;- Silver Wheaton is recognized for their superior management as they have been able to grow future peak production levels from 0 in 2004 to 45m by early 2010 ( expected to be reached in 2013-2014). But what stands out is the fact they have been able make these acquisitions on extremely favorable terms, with all in costs amounting to more or less 8.00/oz of silver with the exception of a few deals such as Rosemont. One would expect having the former CFO of Silver Wheaton as CEO of Sandstorm, acquisitions would be on comparable terms. In fact, they are currently the lowest cost producer relative to Royal Gold, Franco-Nevada and Gold Wheaton. The average cost per attributable ounce is less than $400/oz. Additionally, like Silver Wheaton, they have little tax liability. That's another comparative advantage to Royal Gold and Franco-Nevada.

The company focuses on acquiring royalty interests from proven mines that are either in production or in development stage in exchange for royalty payments. The Denver, Colo.-based firm owns interests on 204 properties on six continents, including interests on 36 producing mines and 21 development stage projects. Stated another way, it has all the benefits of being in the precious metals business with very few of the risks. That's why I consider it one of the safest ways to invest in the nascent bull market in gold after the brutal bear market that trashed such big name miners as Barrick Gold(ABX_).

It was that bear market culminating in late 2013 which helped Royal Gold seal more profitable deals. As the price of gold fell from $1,900 an ounce in 2011 to below $1,200, many production companies were in desperate need of operating cash to stay in business.

With more than $600 million in cash as of March 31, Royal Gold was able to offer financial help in exchange for the right to share in the production and profits of its gold-mining partners. This worked out well for Royal Gold in the first quarter of 2014 contributing to its year-over-year quarterly earnings growth of almost 212%


A few large companies did dip their toes into streaming. They include Goldcorp Inc in 2007 and Barrick Gold Corp, the world’s biggest gold producer, in 2009 to help fund its big Pascua-Lama silver and gold project. Silver Wheaton’s $1.9 billion gold streaming deal in February with Brazilian mining giant Vale SA raised talk the world’s biggest diversified miners were warming to the idea. Analysts tipped Rio Tinto Plc, BHP Billiton Plc and Glencore Xstrata Plc. as possible Demand from small- and mid-sized companies for streaming finance is expected to continue.

Precious Metal Companies!!!
Since I first wrote an article regarding the streamers/royalties among the precious metal companies, a lot has changed, notably with Royal Gold (RGLD) and Sandstorm Resources. I will go over all the royalty companies once again, but this time a bit more in depth the Gold Streaming business.

How do royalty companies work?
The royalty company pays an upfront fee (to help finance the development of various mines) in exchange for the right to purchase silver at approx $4/oz and gold at $400/oz (although they vary). I recommend doing due diligence to get an idea of what the difference is between streams and royalties as royalties have multiple types. This includes GSR (Gross Smelter Revenue), NPI (Net Profit Interest), GPR (GROSS PROCEEDS ROYALTY), CGR (CONTAINED GOLD RETURNED), (NET SMELTER ROYALTY) and SSR (SLIDING SCALE ROYALTY). They also do not need sustained capital expenditures going forward except the one time upfront payment when an acquisition is made.

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